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How nicotine and alcohol damage the brain

brain webHow nicotine and alcohol damage the brain

How we feel or how our health is depends to a great extent on the lifestyle. Excessive living with appropriate consumption of alcohol and cigarettes does not promote good health. This is not new knowledge and everybody knows it. Scientific results are quite new, however, that even smaller amounts of nicotine from the first cigarette and probably also alcohol from the first glass are harmful. This realization is not everyone aware and is also gladly and easily displaced. The facts, however, do not allow for a different interpretation. Because according to the research results of a German-British research group even small amounts of alcohol and nicotine can damage the brain of young people.

Unhealthy lifestyle damages brain of young people

The neurologists wondered if the brains of young people could be proven to have damage depending on their lifestyle. In addition to other factors, the researchers also recorded the consumed amount of alcohol and cigarettes of the subjects. Subsequently, the brains of the young were examined with state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging to detect even the smallest changes and damage. The results of the research were alarming, as both nicotine and alcohol consumption caused damage to the brain's mass and a worsening of the blood supply to the brain. The extent to which these early damages cause the brain to shrink and lead to late damage such as stroke is still unclear and should be clarified in follow-up examinations. If you want to do something for your brain right now, you should refrain from smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol to a few glasses a week. This renunciation is not only rewarded by the brain, but also thanked by the cardiovascular and liver.

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