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2) Do you or your body really know the difference between tension and non-tension? What symptoms do you notice in both phases? Learn appropriate relaxation techniques to naturally gently regulate cortisol levels during stress. If the person is relaxed, less of the stress hormone is released. Your body does not get used to the permanently high level.

3) Strengthen your immune system. The high level of cortisol only pretends that you are physically well. As soon as the hormone is missing from the adrenal cortex, beat virus and infections mercilessly. Prepare it for the next resting phase with homeopathic and herbal remedies. Get advice in the pharmacy and strengthen your own body defense.

4) Sport is an ideal balance for those suffering from stress and gives you the opportunity to meet new people, to learn a new sport and above all to find thoughts and topics that are not related to the daily work or the actual stress trigger. Distraction regulates the currents in the brain and lets you forget what happened during the day. In addition, endurance sports at the same time ensure a strengthening of the immune system. Jogging, swimming and bicycling are best suited to recharge necessary reserves in the body.

5) Move on holiday, because fresh air and exercise also provide on vacation for variety and the necessary intellectual distance to everyday life. You can also explore the area and the hotel area at the same time and make new friends. The sport level may be lower than home. This is not about performance and pressure, but rather about light movement, which in the ideal case is still fun.

6) Prepare for the holiday and "practice" you in the run to rest. Short breaks during lunch break, a walk or a pampering full bath give the body the opportunity to get used to rest and relax. Do what pleases you and enjoy the short stages to the fullest.

7) Prepare the holiday well and do not fall into this "I pack a day in advance - enough" rhythm. Even if it sounds as if friends and acquaintances can easily make the preparations for the long-awaited and required annual leave within a very short time - mostly this is simply showy behavior and should prevent, recognize that there is pure chaos. Timely preparation is not conservative boring, but clever and forward-looking. A list can help to pack the bag in thought and uncover what still needs to be purchased. Who supplies the domestic cat and who pours the flowers in the garden? The early bird catches the worm, or the neighbor. Just before the holiday season is usually already clamped in with family members and friends.

8) Time management is not just a nice word on the upper floors of many large companies, but a practical tool to spread the available time meaningful and tasks to prioritize. Those who have a firm grip on time planning leave nothing to chance and are more organized than their colleagues. Keep track of your time quota, set start and end points and prioritize their tasks.

9) Learn to say no. Forget bad conscience and feelings of guilt. Assume yourself as the most important and defend your own space with clear refusals. They are important, then everything else comes first.

10) Nature is not only beautiful, but also exudes sunny tranquility, is sometimes amusing or intoxicating and can work wonders. The reservoir around the corner, a hiking trail nearby or by bike along the canal. Every weather, every region and every mood is suitable for getting out into nature.

Do not let Leisure Sickness take away valuable time with your loved ones. Free your head for new things and give your body more peace of mind. This not only protects the nerves, but also promotes your health.

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