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Internal use of propolis

Propolis is used internally in naturopathy in the following problems:

• immune deficiency (to strengthen the immune system during the cold period)
• allergies (eg with hay fever)
• Age complaints (eg age-related weakened defense)
• Angina (inflammation of the tonsils due to streptococci, preventing them from spreading bacteria)
• Arteriosclerosis (propolis can improve the permeability of the blood vessels)
• Asthma (Propolis should act here in the form of the stimulation of self-healing powers)
• Cystitis (propolis may help with bacterial bladder problems)
• high blood pressure (no avoidance possible, but improvements are possible)
• bronchitis (supportive of drug therapy, the self-healing powers can be strengthened)
• intestinal infections (eg diarrhea, if they are mild)
• colds
• gall bladder problems (eg to stimulate the digestive juices)
• arthritis such as osteoarthritis or gout
• stomach disorders (eg supportive of gastritis)
• Menstrual problems (eg relieving cramps)
• Migraine
• middle ear infection
• Complaints during menopause

External use of propolis

Externally, the natural healing Propolis in the following complaints:

<br>• Abscesses and boils, eczema
• Acne and pimples
• conjunctivitis
• Athlete's foot, skin fungi
• cold sores
• Shingles
• Hemorrhoids
• Corns
• itching
• scarring
• hives
Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis
Burns (including sunburn)
• for wound treatment

Studies on the use of propolis

Studies on the efficacy of propolis have already been carried out for some applications.

For example, in 1980 at the Sorbonne University in Paris, it was discovered that propolis may be helpful in severe hay fever. After a treatment period of only one week with eight capsules daily, the subjects no longer showed any symptoms.

In Bulgaria, a study was conducted with 34 subjects suffering from hypertension. They received propolis and there was a significant reduction in blood pressure

The effect of propolis on wound healing has already been demonstrated in various studies, as well as the action against skin and mucous membrane inflammation and against fungi.

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