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Taking this phenomenon into account, Holland and a team of researchers wondered if they had the same effect in a living microorganism or a living Zelle could induce. They came across the work of the Chinese researcher Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who suspected that living Cells have similar properties to liquid crystals. With this in mind, Holland and his team wondered if they could affect a cell by sending a specific electrical signal, similar to LCD technology.

After searching the patent database for a device that could accomplish the latter, they came across a therapy device that was written by a New Mexico doctor named Dr. med. James Bare was invented. The device uses a plasma antenna that turns on and off, which, as Holland explains, is important because a constant current pulse would generate too much heat, destroying the cell.

Over the next 15 months, Holland and his team searched for the exact frequency that would directly destroy a living microorganism. The magic number finally came in the form of two inputs, a high frequency and a low one. The high frequency had to be exactly eleven times higher than the low one, known in music as the 11th harmonic. Start at this 11th harmonic microorganisms how to break crystal glass.

After further research until they became efficient in the process, Holland began collaborating with a team of cancer researchers to purposefully destroy cancer cells. First, they looked at pancreatic cancer cells and finally discovered that these cells were particularly vulnerable between 100.000 - 300.000 Hz.

Next, they moved to leukemia cells and were able to destroy the leukemia cells before they could divide. But, as Holland explains in his speech, he needed larger statistics to make treatment a viable option for cancer patients. So, what kind of numbers did they produce?

In repeated and controlled experiments, the frequencies known as oscillating pulsed electric field (OPEF) technology averaged 25% to 40% of leukemia cells, in some cases even 60%. In addition, the intervention even slowed the growth rates of cancer cells by up to 65%. It was a double whammy.

The team also found success in attacking ovarian cancer cells. Most recently, they tested treatment against the fatal Superbug MRSA, an organism that is resistant to many common antibiotics. Thousands of people die of MRSA every year, Holland explains, and the drugs that are normally used against the pathogen are known to have toxic side effects. Incredible that frequency therapy eliminated antibiotic resistance, and the researchers were able to introduce a small amount of antibiotic to do that bacterium to kill.

Holland hopes that someday the treatment will override the conventional toxic treatments currently available to patients. At the end of his speech, he describes his vision for the future of cancer hospitals:

I believe that the future of children's cancer clinics will be a different place. They will be a place where children meet and make new friends, they probably will not even know they are sick. They draw pictures, paint in their books and play with their toys, unaware that a beautiful, blue plasma light radiates healing above them, pulsing fields that destroy their cancer painlessly and non-toxic, one cell after another. I thank you.

It is also worth noting that Royal Rife In 1920 the human cancer virus was identified for the first time with the most powerful microscope in the world. After doing that Virus identified and isolated, he decided to grow it on salted pork. Back then, this was a very good method of growing a virus. He then took the culture and injected it into 400 rats which, as can be expected, quickly caused cancer in all 400 rats. The next step for Rife is where things took an interesting turn. He later found a frequency of electromagnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to decrease completely when it enters the energy field. The great discovery meant that Rife developed a device that could be tuned to output the frequency that would destroy the cancer. He was then able to treat the cancer in both rats and patients who were in close proximity to the device.



For more information on Anthony Holland click here: Thomas Jefferson University

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