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TimeWaver Frequency - as the grandmother of today's Healy

timewaver frequency 1The information field controlled frequency therapy in the TimeWaver Frequency System is unique:

The system continuously and in real time determines the frequencies to be used and adapts them directly to the patient's needs during use.

The clinical experience that has gone into the TimeWaver Frequency system speaks for itself. The Portuguese clinic director Nuno Nina has already treated over 45.000 patients with this method in his international clinics.

The information field technology of TimeWaver Frequency (originating from TimeWaver MED) should continue to analyze deeper causes and relationships on a psychological and systemic level and influence them positively by means of certain information and vibration patterns.

We at the NLS Institute have been using both devices (TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency) for over 5 years and can only confirm these statements.

But in addition to all of the advantages mentioned above, there was a serious disadvantage in therapy:

Everyone who is involved in frequency therapy knows that the body can remember stimulating frequencies for a maximum of 2-3 days. Thus, the patient was forced to see the therapist up to 3 times a week.

After numerous discussions with Nuno Nina and Markus Schmieke, TimeWaver responded in the search for a possibility that would allow the patient to use the frequency therapy from home.

TimeWaver Home - as the mother of today's Healy

timewaver home 1The TimeWaver Home represents the link between therapists and patients. The therapist was able to transfer the frequencies of the therapy to the TimeWaver Home using the USB cable to the handy TimeWaver Home and give them to the patient for home.

However, the patient always had to come to the therapist or send the device by post to get new frequency programs.

In acute use, eg in the case of sudden pain, this was only possible if the patient did not have too far to travel.

Despite this limitation, the TimeWaver Home was used by over 1.000 therapists worldwide, including our institute.

Little Healy's conception

At that time, TimeWaver was also thinking about a radio signal for data transmission, but this was quickly discarded due to the enormous costs.

Marcus Schmieke is known as a brilliant developer, which is even more important than a real visionary.

Unfortunately for his engineers, he wanted to develop a device that reduced the functions of the TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency to the size of a cigarette packet, making it suitable for everyday use by anyone without restricting mobility.

In addition, the device should be controllable via standard smartphones and establish a connection between therapists and patients via the Healy Holistic Health Cloud, as far as this is desired by the patient.

This would enable the therapist to transfer frequency therapy programs to the Healy in a second, which the patient can then use immediately.

The birth of little Healy in 2017

HealyHolisticHealth 500x500 1Markus Schmieke presented his new Healy in 2017.

The Healy contained the entire technology of the TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency and was so small that it can be worn around a shirt collar with a clip. It is connected to the smartphone using the Low Energy Bluetooth function and can be conveniently controlled using it.

At the presentation on June 20.6.2017, XNUMX, he visibly proudly announced his goal:

In just 10 years, 100 million people will use the Healy worldwide.


Little Healy has grown up

TimeWaver sees the Healy as an additional product line.

He was outsourced to Healy World GmbH, based in Berlin. Healy is not sold through qualified retailers or therapists, but worldwide through a structured distribution.

Practically, the therapist is involved in the structure distribution, if he wants to, as there is no direct sale of the Healy.


You can conveniently purchase the Healy from our partner shop:

 Further information on the devices can be found here:


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