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Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis A is always an acute, short-term illness, while hepatitis B, C and D are most likely to become continuous and chronic. Hepatitis E is usually acute, but can be particularly dangerous in pregnant women.
    Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis A is caused by infection with the Hepatitis A virus (HAV) caused. This type of hepatitis is most commonly transmitted through the consumption of food or water contaminated with faeces from a person infected with hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis B is caused by contact with infectious body fluids, such as blood, vaginal secretions or sperm, which cause hepatitis BVirus (HBV) included, transferred. Injection drug use, sex with an infected partner, or sharing shavers with an infected person increases the risk of getting hepatitis B.
  • CDC Trusted Source estimates that 1,2 million people in the United States and 350 million people worldwide have this chronic disease.

Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C comes from the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C is transmitted through direct contact with infected body fluids, typically through injection drug use and sexual contact. HCV is one of the most common blood borne viral infections in the United States. About 2,7 to 3,9 million Americans Trusted Source currently live with a chronic form of this infection.

Hepatitis D

  • Also known as delta hepatitis, hepatitis D is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV). HDV is contracted through direct contact with infected blood. Hepatitis D is a rare form of hepatitis that only occurs with a hepatitis B infection. The hepatitis D virus cannot multiply without the presence of hepatitis B. It is very unusual in the United States.

Hepatitis E.

  • Hepatitis E is a water-borne disease caused by the Hepatitis E virus (HEV). Hepatitis E occurs mainly in areas with poor hygiene and is usually due to the ingestion of faeces that contaminate the water supply. This disease is uncommon in the United States. However, cases of hepatitis E have been reported in the Middle East, Asia, Central America and Africa.

293 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

Hepatitis B virus: Also known as serum hepatitis (infectious inflammation of the liver) because of blood and blood plasma transmit the infection. It is most commonly used by the administration of contaminated blood derivatives in healthcare facilities or contaminated needles, but it can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse or through transmission from the mother to the baby during childbirth or even during tattoos. After acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis develops, which can lead to cirrhosis or liver tumors.

Common resonances:
293, 341, 384, 392, 398, 414-420, 444-450, 454, 488.

324 kHz: Hepatitis C virus:

The pathogen usually gets into the body through a blood transfusion. Blood and body fluids can be contagious in the active phase of the disease. Jaundice can develop, followed by cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Common resonances:
336, 456, 475-479, 541, 561

328 kHz: Hepatitis A virus:

Infectious hepatitis - Infectious hepatitis spreads from person to person. Hospitalization required. Body secretions are highly contagious. The main symptoms are high fever, jaundice, diarrhea, vomiting and weakness.

Common resonances:
328, 340-356, 361, 422, 432, 487-488

336 kHz: Hepatitis C virus:

see 324

341 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

384 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

392 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

398 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

414 kHz - 420 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

422 kHz: Hepatitis A virus:

see 328

432 kHz: Hepatitis A virus:

see 328

444 kHz - 450 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

454 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

475 kHz - 479 kHz: Hepatitis C virus:

see 324

487 kHz - 488 kHz: Hepatitis A virus:

see 328

488 kHz: Hepatitis B virus:

see 293

541 kHz: Hepatitis C virus:

see 324

561 kHz: Hepatitis C virus:

see 324

570 kHz - 590 kHz: Hepatitis A virus:

see 328


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