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Subjective noises

These noises are only perceived by the patient himself. They usually occur as accompanying symptoms in the following diseases:

• middle ear infection
• otosclerosis (disease of the bone that surrounds the inner ear)
• Meniere's disease (disease of the inner ear)
• anemia
• Blood pressure abnormality
• Pathological changes in the cervical spine area
• Noise pollution
• sudden hearing loss
• Noise trauma
• Viral diseases
• Circulatory disorders of the head vessels
• Valvular heart disease
• Under or overactive thyroid
• diabetes
• intoxications (streptomycin, arsenic)
• Mental overload

Objective hearing noises

These can not only be heard by the patient, but also by the examiner.
They are often triggered by vascular anomalies such as malformations, aneurysms, stenoses or increased blood flow to the ear.

Objective hearing noises can also be caused by movement of the temporomandibular joint (cracking!) Or by an open eustachian tube (ear trumpet).

Stress and Tinnitus

Physical or emotional stress does not immediately trigger tinnitus. However, there is research that shows that 26 percent of people with chronic tinnitus report that they are either or have had stress. Accordingly, the noise in the ears can also be an "internal seismograph" of the acute stress level.

Triggering factors could be:

• depression
• Anxiety
• Major event
• Severe sleep disorder

Research has shown that patients under stress tend to hear the sounds much louder. For this reason, just relaxing can help alleviate the symptoms.

Chronic tinnitus and the soul

A study by the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim showed that there is an intertwining of psyche and hearing in chronic tinnitus. Those affected also perceive emotional impressions with those areas of the brain that are networked with the auditory pathway, according to the motto: hear feelings.

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